With regards to the technical data, shown on the following pages for each product, Edilferro guarantees a perfect production of the profiles and the high quality of the materials used. We guarantee the resistance to corrosion
for up to 10 years only for stainless steel profiles, as it is possible that the profiles become contaminated by iron particles or come in contact with acids while being installed. For galvanised steel profiles, we can only
guarantee that the sheet is DX51D quality, and that the thickness of the zinc coating is at least 200 grammes every square metre. We can not guarantee for how long the product will last before corrosion:

  • The storing of profiles in covered, dry and well-aired places.
  • Testing that the physical and chemical components of the plaster used are compatible with the material used for the profiles and the final paint.
  • The valutation of possible draughts, high humidity or salinity in the atmosphere before choosing suitable internal and external profiles.
  • The storage of the profiles before being fitted where they do not come in contact with corrosive acids.
  • The correct installation of the profiles and an inspection to verify that they are not scratched by sandpaper or other steel tools, which would cause the zinc coating to peel off.